How To Take Care Of Timber Floors?

timber floorboard repair

Timber floor are a popular form of flooring these days. As the popularity is growing with every passing day it has become equal important to learn the basics about the timber floors. Getting the timber floorboard repair is not an easy thing to handle after the flooring is laid. It can be really something tedious and difficult to handle. To avoid such hectic times it is highly recommended to ensure regular maintenance of the flooring made with timber. To ensure the maintenance it is important to learn about the different forms of the timber too as each of these require different handling and modes of maintenance.

If you don’t want to experience the squeaking carpeted floors then here are a few maintenance tips to keep your timber flooring in perfect shape.

  1. Learn about the enemies

Timber floors need less maintenance but there are several things that can actually harm the flooring. The worst of the challenges comes from the soils and grains that keep coming in with our shoes all through the day. These tiny unseen bits can scrub the floor like rough sandpaper that can ultimately snatch the beauty and lustre of the floorings. Humidity, weather, exposure to sun is also the influential factors that can take away the real beauty of the timber. Adopt essential policies to handle these enemies. Place rug mats on the entry points of the home. Use curtains and shades to ensure that the direct sunlight would not fall upon the floors.

  1. Regular cleaning

Besides handling the floors with timber carefully it is essential to ensure thorough cleaning as well. Use easy to buy and easy to handle antistatic mop for regular cleaning of the flooring. You can sweep and vacuum the floors as well. You can use them until the brushes are not gone thin. In case they grow thin there are chances that the metal heads would come in contact with the floor and scratches. A monthly cleaning with the damp mop can help you. Get a neutral timber floor cleaner and enjoy deep cleaning the floor using the mop. Don’t try options like stream cleaning as it would ultimately lead towards peeling and damaging of the surface and you will have to spend on the timber floorboard repair at the end.

  1. Get rid of the stains

If there is no carpet on the floor then there are chances that the floor will get the stains especially if there are young spillers in the home. Don’t let the stain stay for too long. Remove them with the damp cloth or the mop. If the stain seems stubborn use the cleaning agents to improve the condition.


There can be several possible problems with the timber floor users one of which is the squeaking carpeted floors too. If you want to stay away from all such challenges then you need to be a conscious user too who takes good care of the possessions. A floor is part of your property. Keep it in good shape.

Happy flooring!